Bra Strap Elastic

There are many different qualities of elastic so we have not only given a description but also the style number - in brackets - this enables you to choose matching elastics. Simply use the search facility and type in the name of the design - i.e Mini-Loop, and all the different types of elastic, plush, knicker, strap will appear in your list. You could also add the colour if you want to narrow the search. - i.e Mini-loop BLACK. You may find there are several different elastics with the same description, but by comparing the style number in brackets you can ensure that the elastics you get are the same quality where possibly. i.e, there may be several plain plush elastics, but some may be stretchy than others, so if you are making bras ain black and white you can choose the same quality so you know the fit (stretch of elastic), will be the same on both.
Strap elastic is better suited to suspender making than plush elastic, but plush is fine if the suspenders are merely functional rather than pretty!
With all elastics if you are suing fittings - rings, sliders, hooks etc - use the same size fittings as the elastic width, or close as to. If the elastic is a thick one, go for the same size or slightly larger. If it is a thin elastic, use the same size or nearest smaller

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