Bra Wire & Cup Sizes - Chart & Understanding Sizing, and how to select the correct wire
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We stock a range of bra wires and cups, and it is important to establish the correct size and style for the bra you are making. For example a push up wire may appear two sizes smaller in width than the same size full cup wire! This is because a push up is designed to push the breast tissue from under the arm into the cup to increase the bust volume and enhance the cleavage, whereas the full cup would simply be comfortable and not attempt to manipulate the breast.
There are as many styles are there are fabric colours and each manufacturer as their own style sheets and will get the wires made for them. We use the styles and sizing of a well known high street brand, but these will differ from other brands
If you are not sure of the size style you need to make your bra, please ask, we need to know your bra size. ie. 34B, not just your cup size.

A 32B bra takes a considerably smaller wire than a 52B! We will do our best to let you know the size, but remember, all manufacturers size their bras differently so a 34F in one make may be a 34G in another.
We have style sheets showing most of the styles and a comparison sheet which shows the difference in styles for one specific size (W42), we may not have all styles in all sizes, but we are certain we hold the largest range of stock for retail purchase in the world! Manufacturers have not standardised their bra wires or bra sizes, hence you may find you need a different wire to the size your bought bra suggests.
While we are constantly increasing the range of bra wires, there are so many, that we may not have the style you are looking for in your size. If you can not get the correct sized (the curve) wire, you can always cut the arms down. File them afterwards, and either the ends in araldite (available in B and Q etc.) or our Tipping fluid (if in stock).
See the chart to select your size