Contact Information

Sewing Chest
Kellie Riccardo
The Old School
Walkerith Road
East Stockwith
DN21 3DG, UK

Please email us directly, the contact form sometimes gets filtered! Our email address is:

Queries and product information
You will see a search box on the top of the site. Use keywords to isolate the items you are trying to find (do not use plurals!). You can also search for information on our terms and conditions as well, so if you want to know about shipping costs - type Postage! etc

We are unable to take payment or process orders over the phone. We have so many products we simply cannot remember the stock quantity or prices of everything, so our very clever website manages that side, enabling us to busy ourselves packing orders and getting them off to you in a speedy fashion! If you want your order quickly, PLACE the order, calling will only slow the process down!
It is not necessary to ask us to post as quickly as possible, because we always do! Please be aware, however, Royal Mail may not be quite so speedy and once we have posted your order it is out of our control.
Orders are posted out MONDAY-FRIDAY only (excluding holidays).

PLEASE NOTE: We have decided to disconnect our telephone due to the huge amount of spam calls we were receiving. You should put any queries into an email and as we appreciate that sometimes you need to speak to someone, so please add your phone number and we will call you back. Apologies for the inconvenience

Work Hours Monday to Thursday 9.30-3.30pm only and until 12.30 Friday.

Emails are forwarded to my mobile phone so are answered wherever I am.